Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sowers FCA

FCA at Sowers Middle School was awesome this week! About 45 students showed up after school to eat pizza, play a few really fun games and then I shared with them about the FCA Competitors Creed. The kids had a blast and competed boys vs. girls in a game of human clay! The girls won and got to eat there freshly baked cookies during the talk while the boys had to wait until after! It was a blast and I cant wait untill we meet again in 2 weeks!

Here are some pictures from the day...

EHS FCA - Jan. 20

The FCA huddle @ Edison went off again on Thursday! About 150 student came and got to enjoy pizza, home baked cookies, a fun game and got to listen to Carlie Boyer speak. After the game, FCA president, Carlie shared her testimony and how we as athletes have coaches who believe in us, but how cool it is that we have the ultimate coach in Jesus who always believes in us. She did an awesome Job! Thanks to all the parents who make these days possible and to the 5 youth pastors who showed up to love on the students! A special thanks goes out to CPC church who has been providing pizza for the huddle on a regular basis all year!

Here is the video Carlie used to demonstrate a coaches belief...

Leaders sharing about FCA Night of Champions

Huntington FCA

The HBHS Huddle on Wednesday was a good one! After welcoming in all the students, everyone played a fun game of telephone.Then freshman leaders Susannah and Theresa showed a funny video that tied in with there talk about the importance of readinga nd spending time in the living, breathing Word of God. They did an awesome job and a big shout out to the freshman stepping up and getting in front of their peers. We then finished the day with a round of pizza! Thanks to the paents who helped provide the pizza for the Huddle!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mission Viejo FCA

FCA was awesome today at MVHS, we were blessed with tons of del taco, a fun game and a wonderful speaker. About 85 students showed up to hear Dave Allee, the owner and mastermind behind Almond Surfboards & Designs. He shared with the students about trusting Gods plan, even when it doesn't seem clear and the importance of having faith in Him. Thanks to Danny Bowers of Mission Hills Church and all the parents who came to support the huddle, couldn't do it without you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I am Second® - Landry Jones

Check out this I am Second video of Oklahoma Sooners QB Landry Jones. Landry and his girlfriend OU basketbal star Whitney Hand were just featured in the FCA's magazine publication Sharing the Victory (STV). It is awesome to hear athletes on the biggest stage of amateur athletics giving the glory to Jesus!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sowers Huddle

Sowers FCA started 2011 with the biggest huddle we have had thus far! About 35 students showed up to have some Junior High Fun FCA Style. We enjoyed pizza and cookies, then played about 4 different games and relays. I then shared with the students about God's Grace and how He has unconditional love for us! It was a fun afternoon, and Thank You to the EHS leaders that came to support the Huddle! What a huge influence they have when they come to spend time with the kids!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FCA & Sports Highlights of 2010

Edison FCA

EHS FCA kicked off the first huddle of 2011 today with a bang! About 200 students showed up to eat pizza, play 4 corners, and hear an awesome testimony from Fresno State Football's Team Chaplain Jamal Jones. Jamal encouraged the students to live a life with the desire to be obedient to our Creator. He shared about his childhood in the East-side of Oakland and how through God's Grace he was able to withstand all the temptation that surrounded him and not stray from his relationship with Jesus! He also encouraged the students to live a life of sexual purity,a nd the importance of God's plan for purity. Jamal then closed with a magnificent recital of FCA's Competitors Creed.

Thanks to all the volunteers and youth workers who came out to support Edison's Huddle! We couldn't do what we do with out you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today was the first huddle of 2011 for Huntington Beach HS and about 40 students showed up to listen to their peer Madison Hybl share from her heart. Madison did a great job sharing about the pressures of our society to try and be someone we are not and how God created us perfect and loves us the way we were created. To emphasize her point showed showed the music video to "By Your Side" a SONG BY Tenth Avenue North.Thanks to the parents you continue to support the Huddle the donations for pizza money and prayer!

Here are some pictures from the huddle...