Thursday, June 30, 2011

Technical issues...

Blogger is malfunctioning on my computer and not letting me post. hopefully the problem will get fixed and I can return to updating you all tomorrow! Goodnight!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp Update - day 2 pictures

As promised, pictures from day 2...

Wrestling Coaches and Huddle leaders planning the week!

Women's Soccer staff prays together!

Surf Clinicians might have the toughest job all week?

Ackerman Hall just waiting to be filled with rowdy campers

Surf Clinician Dave Allee & OC Director Greg Brown

Handing out Camp Staff shirts...we are official!

Jared & Kelly Hall with some awesome huddle leaders!

Camp Update - day 2

Today was another great day of preparation and prayer for FCA Camp 2011! The entire camp coaching staff and their families arrived today to complete the Staff piece to the camp puzzle.

As the coaches arrived this morning and got all checked in FCA staff were hard at work completing the preparations needed for the following day. My part of that was to drive the U-Haul down to Anaheim with Tony Gomez and pick up the wrestling mats (how I love LA traffic)! The huddle leaders completed their training and are now ready for the 692 campers that will arrive tomorrow morning to participate in camp! Good work Colin Sinclair, Jared Hall and Marina Mayer for training preparing and loving on these college students who have volunteered a week of their summer to make an impact for Eternity in the lives of all these campers!

In the afternoon the entire FCA Camp 2011 Staff convened for the Welcome Meeting, the first of many to come. After that the athletic staff got together to pray and prepare for the 7 practices, over 4 days, that will be taking places. Some notable Head Clinicians include Mike Sheppard (Football) - QB Coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Jose Campo (Wrestling) - Champion Wrestler and Renowned Coach who also had his book "Wisdom from the Corner" published recently! We are blessed beyond words with an incredible coaching staff!

The day finally concluded with an awesome commissioning ceremony, that brought to life the reality that all the hard work and preparation is now over and camp is really beginning! It's Game time...who's going to be a Game Changer?  

The Camp Bible that every staff and camper receives!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp Update - day 1

Today was the first day of on site prep at camp. Core Staff and huddle leaders arrived to begin preparing and training for the arrivals of the campers on Wednesday morning. The day began for me and Jessica earl this morning as we awoke @ 5:30am to pack up our truck and get out of the apartment in time to pick up our camp U-Haul rental by 7:30am. After I got the U-Haul Jessica headed up to camp with the kids and i met a few of our other staff people at the warehouse to load up all the sports equipment, t-shirts, and about 3,000 pounds of bibles! WOW!

Once here we spent the day unloading and getting the equipment shed and training room set up.... on the other side of things the huddle leaders (college athlete/camp counselor) were having a bit more fun! They spent the day bonding, playing games and preparing their hearts spiritually for the week ahead of them! Then tonight the were treated to a Westwood favorite...Diddy Riese! Needless to say, today was tiring but rewarding! It is great to be a part of all the behind the scenes hard work that go in to making this an awesome experience for the Kids.

I will have Pictures everyday starting tomorrow...I promise!

Please Pray for;
The huddle leaders as they prepare to influence the kids for Christ, The staff to be willing and ready to serve with a humble attitude!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

GameChanger - FCA Sports Camp Updates

Tomorrow camp staff will head up to UCLA for our 2011 FCA Sports Camp to prepare for the 692 campers that will show up on Wednesday. I will be providing an inside look at FCA sports camp with daily updates and pictures. Check back each day this week, Monday June 27 - Sunday July 3, to see how God will use FCA Staff and volunteers to make an impact in the hearts of kids from all over the West Coast!

Check the Blog for Daily Updates this week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Edison High School FCA student leader Riley Mailman, has started a Movement to reach teenagers for Christ! Riley has a gift and passion for Jesus, which he has translated into loving others and sharing Jesus with them! Pray for Riley as he reaches out. Check it out at 

Here is an excerpt from his website...
"I am Riley Mailman, a normal teenager and the founder of In November 2009, I felt compelled to reach out to other teenagers to share the life-changing love of God. Many topics will be discussed on this blog, and I encourage you to take part in the movement. In the end, we all need one thing, and His name is Jesus Christ."