Campus Ministry & Information

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Campus Ministry is at the very core of what FCA is. Campus Ministry is the "boots on the ground" aspect of FCA's national vision and it is where the most lives are changed! FCA area reps are given the chance to impact youth across the nation by meeting them on their junior high, high school, and college campuses. FCA allows students and coaches to have a clear platform to share their Faith in Jesus on public and private school campuses alike.

The four fundamental purposes of FCA's Campus Ministry are to SHARE, SEEK, LEAD, and LOVE.  Share is evangelism, the sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on campus. Seek is discipleship, seeking to grow and mature as a follower of Jesus Christ. Lead is outreach, by showing servant leadership in “reaching out” to those on campus who are not involved in the Huddle. “Reaching out” is to intentionally do something that meets a need of the different target audiences on campus in order to introduce and invite them to be a part of the huddle ministry.  Love is fellowship, it is building relationships with others. These four fundamental purposes are what drives every huddle across the nation.

:: FCA's take on Campus Ministry ::
  1. We believe the mission of reaching out to every person with the Gospel and making disciples everywhere is a direct response to the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, and brings great glory to God.
  2.  We believe that students, as implied in the Scriptures, are loved and cared for by our Lord. They are worth our deepest love, our best sacrifice, and in light of the Great Commission and their open hearts, we, the Body of Christ, are compelled to focus on making every effort to reach them with the Gospel.
  3. We believe the college, high school and middle school campus is strategic. Campus ministry answers the question, “How will FCA effectively impact the Campus in such a way that Christ is lifted up among the millions of students in our nation?”
  4. We believe campus ministry provides an unprecedented opportunity to build Christian students in their faith and equip them as followers of Christ.
  5. We believe the campus gives FCA the platform to minister to the greater community.
  6. We believe it is FCA’s objective to equip, enable, empower and encourage students to impact and influence their Campus for Christ.
  7. We believe FCA is called to glorify God through our unity, committed to a common cause, lifting up one another, sacrificing for the greater good of the Kingdom.