Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Marina FCA/The Flood - Nov. 16

Today was another awesome huddle @ Marina High School FCA. I got to share my testimony in front of about 50 students, parents and teachers! It is so exciting to be working alongside these students as they impact there campus for Christ!

But... on a more somber note, we said goodbye to Megan Carr, the FCA area rep for the past 2 years. . Megan will be missed, but the students had a chance to bid her farewell and pray for her today at the meeting! Thanks for your service Megan!!!

And again, a huge THANK YOU to all the Parents who provided and came out to serve the kids a feast today. The students were treated to Costco Pizza, chips and salsa, and dessert @ today's huddle! THANK YOU!

Sharing my Testimony
Praying for Megan
Packed room all lifting up Megan

Gotta love Costco Pizza!!!

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