Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tyrod Taylor, QB, Virginia Tech Hokies

November 2010 Clay Meyer
Every legitimate college football team has one. A field general who knows no fear. A signal-caller with ice in his veins. Simply stated, a quarterback who can both lead the team to victory and pick them up in defeat.

Virginia Tech Quarterbacks Coach Mike O’Cain knows a great quarterback when he sees one. He has offered his instruction to plenty of them in his time, always reminding them of the reality of their position.

“I tell them they’ll receive a lot of praise that is undeserved and a lot of the blame and criticism that is undeserved as well,” he said.

In light of the circumstances, O’Cain and the Hokies know they are blessed with Tyrod Taylor, the senior quarterback who has filled the position for the past four years.

“Tyrod is a natural leader because he is strong and demands respect, but not in a forceful way,” O’Cain said. “He has that Godgiven ability to lead and is just a good guy to be around. The game is very important to him, but doing things the right way is even more important to him. He’s put his life and his talents in God’s hands.”

O’Cain’s final sentence paints a clear picture of Taylor. The quarterback’s stats have put him at the top of nearly every Virginia Tech record category and have earned him offensive MVP awards and ACC Championships. But Taylor doesn’t want to be defined as “just” a quarterback. Unlike many of his position counterparts across the country Taylor seeks to remain humble and unassuming—a man who isn’t awash in all he can do, but in what he can’t do on his own.

“Without God I can’t do anything,” Taylor said. “I have put my faith in Him, and through Him I believe I can achieve anything.”

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