Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mission FCA

Yesterday about 175 students showed up to munch on some Del taco burritos and tacos, play a game and listen to our very own Nolan Graefensteiner share his testimony. We played a Christmas song game, were 18 boxes on a sheet of paper were filled with pictures that corresponded to various Christmas songs. It was fun and the students really got into it!

We then listened up as Nolan bravely shared some of the darkness from his past and how God used a true friend to help pull him out of it and in to the accepting light of Jesus Christ. It was powerful and we are sad to see Nolan leave Mission for Dana Hills but we pray he will make an impact on that campus like he did here at Mission!

are the boys winning...

or the girls?

We got seating today from the football banquet! Yea!

The Group listening to Nolan

Nolan bravely shaing his story

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