Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FCA Hoops Tournament Update

10 teams showed up for the inaugural OC FCA Basketball Tournament held at Edison High School. There were 4 teams in the high school division and 6 in the adult division, but the competition was fierce either way.

High School Division

Adult Division

Everyone had a great time and got to play a ton of basketball. The winners of the day were the "Clippers" for the HS division and "Team 6" for the adult division. There were some great competitive and hard fought games all day long. Also, Dylan Garrity of "team 6" beat out Mikey Kinoshita of the "Kamakazis in the 3 pt shoot out. Both were very impressive, Mikey hit 12 of 15 shots but Dylan edged him out with a 13 of 15 shooting performance.

the "Clippers" with Jared and I

"Team 6"

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