Friday, April 1, 2011

Sowers FCA 4/1

Today sowers FCA was the worst!!!!

April Fools! It was awesome! Youth pastors from CPC, Beach Cities and Seaside showed up to hang out and play games with the students who all had a blast. After eating pizza, provided each week by Barbara Osterkamp, the kids all played a fun game led by Justin Herman and then we played an FCA classic called trainwreck.

After the fun we got down to business, we talked about sacrifice and service and then put it to action! All 45 students at FCA wrote at least one letter to a member of the US armed forces serving oversees. It was a great opportunity to put our freedoms in perspective of another's sacrifice! We are going to mail the letters to our cousinChris Ford who is third in command on a US aircraft carrier stationed in Japan. Our prayer is that the troops under his command will beblessed in a small way by the letters we send!

Thank God for all those serving in the Armed Forces!!!

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